The Magnificent Seven: Part III-Flow

“Love each other as I have loved you.”- God commands us to love with a love that is unconditional, unsolicited, and overflowing.  Although God wants us to love Him with this love, He knows the impossibility of it because He loves us without being loved.  Whether we choose to love Him back or not, does not affect His love for us.  But, because he wants us to experience this love, this unconditional, unsolicited, overflowing love, and the giving of it, He places us in the midst of this world, with others around us who do not solicit our love, but need it, nonetheless.  This type of love is demonstrated by our ability to participate in the virtue of charity.  What does charity have to do with  fitness and Pilates?…not much, perhaps, but the same principle that moves us in our Pilates practice can be applied to our movements of charity in our daily lives…FLOW.  Charity is the flowing of God’s love directed first toward God (our attempt to return the “favor” of God’s love), then toward ourselves (our attempt to accept ourselves as God’s beautiful creation), and finally toward others (our attempt to share this flow of God’s unconditional, unsolicited, overflowing love with those who need it.) 

The same process that brings about Pilates flow can be used to increase the flow of God’s love to us, in us, and then through us.  Pilates flow is the seamless connecting of energy to movement.  This continuous flow of energy is a result of immaculate timing of muscle recruitment.  In order to do this, we must become aware of our core, align ourselves properly to the core, and activate our core muscles with our breath in order to perform each movement with proper muscle control.  The muscles of our core engage and the energy produced there flows through the movement of our bodies. 

Our spiritual flow, the charity or love toward others, must initiate from our CORE in Christ and move outward toward others.  This flow of charity begins with our awareness of God’s love toward us and our response of love back toward Him.  We, then, work on charity toward ourselves:  aligning our will toward his, activating our CORE in Christ by breathing in the Holy Spirit for protection and support.  Only  after we have understood and responded to God’s love for us by reciprocating His love and acknowledging ourselves as an object of God’s love by our daily practice of engaging our CORE, can the energy of this unconditional, unsolicited, overflowing love begin flow with charity toward others.  This flow of God’s love into us, within us, and then outward toward the world is God’s ultimate purpose and desire for our lives as He tells us in His word, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength…And love your neighbor as you love yourself.”


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