Today’s COREconnection: Awareness [repost]

Fitness Focus:  AWARENESS is key at the beginning of becoming more physically fit.   Today, focus on becoming aware of your body.  Where do you feel strong?  Where do you feel pain or soreness?  How does your body spend the day: sitting, standing, walking, at a computer?  How does your body react to movement?   Sometimes our habits cause us to be out of alignment.  Often, it is because of this misalignment that we have pain and soreness.  With awareness of where we are, we can create a plan for where we wish to be….setting goals, the key to achieving them!

Faith Focus:  Awareness of your spiritual core is the first step to strengthening it.  Ask yourself these questions:  On what is your faith centered?  Is the centering core of your life your faith?  How can you tell?  Are your actions causing pain or “soreness” in your life?  Are you able to stand firm throughout your daily “movements”?  Hebrews 11 tells us that faith is the “substance of things hoped for”…for what do you hope?  1 John tells us that if our will is aligned with God’s will, if we ask for something, we will have it.  Become aware of your spiritual alignment today…where are your now?  Where do you hope to be in the future?  Ask God to make you aware of His will for you so that you can begin to align yourself with it.


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