Today’s COREconnection: 7/10/2010

FITNESS FOCUS:  Seated Spine Twist   In order to avoid strain and injury of the back,  the spine and muscles of the trunk must be  flexible in different directions. Not just front to back, but side to side as well.  When our core is weak and the muscles are not strengthened, we are immobile in the trunk area.  As our range of motion decreases, our risk of injury or pain increases.  The seated spine twist  improves the range of motion in the upper body.  It strengthens the core which stabilizes the pelvis.  This, in turn allows the trunk to spiral on the central vertical axis which maintains the proper alignment of the body during movements.

Steps for Seated Spine Twist:

  • Sit up tall on your sit bones.
  • Pull your navel to spine, lengthen through the crown of the head, shoulders back and down.
  • Flex your feet and extend legs out straight in front of you.   
  • Extend your arms directly out to the sides,  even with your shoulders ( which stay back and down)
  • Sit up long and tall through the spine- pull the navel in, press shoulders down, lengthen through the crown.
  • Think of your spine being on one axis and your arms on the other.  Arms do not move from the position even with your shoulders.
  • Inhale, and on the exhale, rotate on your central spinal axis toward the right.  Do not let the arms swing out of position.  Only rotate as far as you can without strain or compromising your alignment.  Remember not to lean back or sink down: STAY TALL.
  • Inhale in the side position then exhale to return back to center. 
  • Repeat, alternating sides, 5 sets.
  • FAITH FOCUS:  Moving without strain or injury to our lives also requires a central axis, a foundation or core that anchors all of our movements.  When our actions are driven by this stabilizing CORE, we can move with purpose, in proper alignment with God’s will.  As you practice this spine twist, let us remember that God’s Word is stabilizes our core that holds us upright as we move through each day.

    Isaiah 30:21 “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, ‘this is the way, walk in it.”


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