New Feature: COREmatters

Welcome to a new feature to RESTORE YOUR CORE!  COREmatters are features that address “core” issues.  What is at the CORE of our days, our lives, our experiences?  How does our CORE faith affect us?  Why does a strong CORE matter?  I hope that as you begin to identify the COREmatters of your days, you will share them with others on this blog. 

So, today I had a CORE experience; God revealed something about my “foundation”.  Over the past few weeks I have been preparing for the Proverbs 31 Shespeaks Conference.  I have studied the Bible, written articles and book proposals.  I have prepared notebooks and folders.  I painstakingly took care to get a hair cut and color, my nails done, eyebrow wax, and purchased outfits to complete the “conference” look.  Today I packed and meticulously went over everything: proposals? check, outfits? check, Bible? check, makeup? check, business cards? check.  It was all there.  I was ready to head out to the conference.  Excited about the possibility of meeting other women in ministry, sharing the mission of  COREministries, and learning how to be a better “Proverbs 31 woman”, I began my journey north.  Only after hitting the Georgia state line did it occur to me that I forgot something, a very important something….  In order to keep this relatively appropriate, I will use the term my grandmother uses…I had forgotten my “foundational garments”!  I had remembered everything that others might see, but forgot one of the most important things!

After momentarily freaking out until I remembered that Wal-Mart sells “foundational garments”, I realized something else I had forgotten…another foundational item: prayer.  Today I had been so busy preparing last-minute items, doing the many things to make sure everything “looked” right, that I would portray the right “image” for the ministry, that I forgot the image that the Lord looks at–I had forgotten to prepare my heart.  Sure, I want to be polished and professional at these meetings, but I need to make sure that I am dressed appropriately for the most important meeting of each day, and especially this weekend– my meeting with my Heavenly Father.

I think I have learned my lesson!  Now, I hope to go into each day, putting on my spiritual foundational garments, beginning with prayer, study of God’s Word, and constant engagement of my CORE-the ultimate  foundation.  Then I can go into the “meetings” of this world with the support I need wearing the image of God’s love to share with others.


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