COREreflection: 8/31/2010- Weight Training and WAIT Training

Two things I have never been good at doing- training with weights and training myself to wait.  I can’t stand the monotony of standing in front of the gym mirror swinging my arms back and forth, up and down, lifting weights.  I also abhor waiting in any kind of line, especially the seemingly never-ending carpool line at my son’s school.  Yes,  I am impatient.  If I indulge my fleshly nature take over, I would constantly be skipping any kind of weight training, honking my horn incessantly in the carpool line, or forcefully pushing my grocery cart in front of someone who I perceived to be a “slow poke”. 

However, in my quest to take care of my physical body, I must do some sort of strength training in order to build muscle…and that means weight training.  Now, for me, as a Pilates instructor, I have learned that using the resistance of my own body weight is a great way to build my muscle strength.  There are two types of training I do using my God-given, built-in resistance:  Isotonic- this means I move through the resistance- like push ups.  Anybody who knows me well or has taken more than one of my Pilates classes knows that this is the type of weight training I LOVE.  It’s not boring, I get to move, it is active.  And then there is Isometric- holding against the resistance-  the plank position is a good example of this.  I am NOT a huge fan of this type, although I have learned to recognize its value.  But the holding, the waiting for the 30, 60, 90 seconds to tick by while I hold myself up in a plank…again my impatience kicks in. 

This brings me to the second kind of training that I often “resist”…wait training.  In my life, when faced with resistance, with the problems of this world, I tend to want a fast, quick-fix solution.  I believe God can do anything, but I want Him to do it NOW!  It is through these times of having to move through resistance in my life and having to hold steady and firm in my faith, that I have been receiving divine wait training.  The great Personal Trainer has shown me that learning to wait, to hold fast, stand firm, or to resist temptations and move through my day builds strength in my CORE.  My relationship in Christ gets stronger.

Isaiah 40:31 tells us that “But they who wait on the Lord will renew their strength.”  The word “wait” here has different meanings.  Sometimes God calls us to wait for Him to do something in our lives.  Other times He calls us to wait upon Him, to serve Him.  Whether He calls us to sit at his feet like Mary and wait for Him, or He calls us to serve Him with action like Paul, our strength will be renewed, through Him and Him alone.

So while we are sitting in heavy traffic or working on building our physical strength with weight training, let us use this time to train our hearts to wait on the Lord as we seek to strengthen our CORE in Christ.


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