COREreflections:Your “Ideal Measurements”

What are your ideal “measurements”?  Do you have a particular height, weight, size that you aspire to?  When I was younger, I always felt like I was 2 inches too tall.  I wanted to be shorter, smaller, more like my friends who were all more petite.  When slouching, hunching, and leaning did not achieve this, I sought other ways to make myself smaller.  I measured my success in this by whether or not I was able to join in with the popular teenage pastime of sharing clothes.  Maybe I couldn’t be the same height measurement, but we could share the same waist, hip, and bust size etc…or so I thought.  I, like so many women, had placed an unrealistic goal with to “measure” myself. 

 How about you? 

That ideal measurement of yours?…Where does it come from?  A comparison to your friends, a number on a chart, or even a past version of yourself?  Do you feel better or worse about yourself based on how close or far away you are from this measurement? 

I bring up these questions not to completely discount the importance of measurements.  After all, being within a range certain measurements is part of having a healthy body.  Notice here the word “range”–there is not, or should not be an ideal measurement but really a range of measurement for our bodies.  Depending on our bodies needs, our demands on our body, and our daily lives, we may fluctuate during this range.  We cannot compare ourselves to others, younger versions of ourselves, or even charts in magazines.  What is an appropriate measurement for someone else, may not fit your body’s needs.  

Instead, we need to remember, God created us.  He hand-crafted us with certain “measurements” so that we would be equipped to complete the tasks He has for us in our lives. 

Begin to be aware of your body.  Ask yourself, “When do I feel my best?  At what “measurement” does my body seem to function well without feeling deprived?”  Learning to find where your body seems comfortable and able to perform at its fullest potential is, perhaps, a more accurate way to “measure”.

As you are becoming more aware of God’s design of your body, do not compare His plans for you with His plans for others.  This includes His plans for your body!  The Bible tells us in Ephesians 4:7, “But unto everyone of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.”  Just as God gives us individual measures of grace, He gives us individual measurements of our bodies.  We are unique, each designed for a specific purpose.  What you have been given may not measure up to what someone else has been given or may fall short of society’s measurements of you.  BUT…our standard, our ideal, is not based on comparison with others, our pasts, our a number on a chart.  Our standard of measurement is Christ–He is the “Ideal Measurement”.


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