Today’s COREconnection: 10/4/2010- “BRAIN FOG”

FITNESS FOCUS:  “Brain Fog”  Ok, so in this busy, multi-tasking world of ours, it is often difficult to keep a clear head.  We try to maximize every minute by reading while listening to music, talking on the phone while preparing dinner, and now there is even the hazardous temptation of texting/emailing/ “smart phoning” while driving.  I don’t know about you, but I often feel like I am not doing enough if I am only doing one thing.  For instance, today I needed to research for this post AND walk the dog.  Instead of doing one task, then the other, I used my phone to read fitness articles looking for inspiration.  I came across this article, “Clear that Brain Fog with this Easy Exercise” on the RealAge website.  According to the article, walking helps improve the brain’s signaling and communication.  I couldn’t help but smile a little.  After all, walking does help clear the mind, if we let it.  I immediately turned off my fancy communication device and worked on clearing the ‘brain fog’- all of the tasks running through my head, clouding the signaling of my brain.  So without further ado, here is your fitness focus for today… get out into this beautiful weather and walk for body, walk for your mind, and in the FAITH FOCUS we will discuss walking for your spirit.

Here are some tips from keeping your proper spinal alignment while walking:

  • Stand up straight.
  • Think of being a tall and straight. Keep your hips level, do not arch your back.
  • Do not lean forward or lean back. Leaning puts strain on the back muscles.
  • Eyes forward, not looking down, rather 20 feet ahead.
  • Lengthen through the crown of the head. This reduces strain  on the neck and back.
  • Pull the navel toward the spine to protect the lower back.
  • FAITH FOCUS:  Walking in our faith can also help to improve our spiritual brain fog.  What do I mean by that?  Well, do you ever have difficulty knowing what God is saying to you?  Perhaps you feel like you are getting mixed signals.  I know it can be difficult to focus on walking in the faith in the midst of all of our other tasks, duties, responsibilities.  Thankfully, Scripture is a  guide that provides us with healthy tips for clearing our “brain fog” so we can focus on God’s will for us and the benefits of doing so.  As you begin to walk in alignment with God’s will for you, the fog often clears.  The communication lines are opened and the walk becomes focused and sure.

     Walk in all the way that the LORD your God has commanded you, so that you may live and prosper and prolong your days in the land that you will possess. – Deuteronomy 5:33

    Observe the commands of the LORD your God, walking in his ways and revering him.- Deuteronomy 8:6

    Teach me your way, O LORD, and I will walk in your truth. –Psalm 86:11a

    Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”–Isaiah 30:21


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