Body Building: Strengthening Your Body to Build THE BODY

The Pilates Method uses awareness, focus, and centering to strengthen the core muscles of the body.  The purpose of building this core strength is to function effectively and efficiently throughout your daily activities.  But what about your spiritual core?  Becoming aware of and focusing on God’s purpose for you helps to strengthen your CORE in Christ.  This, in turn, helps us to build the body of Christ, God’s purpose for all of us.

Many fitness and diet plans out there these days give strategic methods for building a better body.  Most claim, or at least imply, that their plan is perfect and can help you perfect certain “target areas” of the body: buns, abs, arms, etc.  The plans may serve to build a better body or body part, but perfect?  Probably not.  And for what purpose are we seeking to perfect or build this better body anyway?–a swimsuit, class reunion, wedding? 

Whenever we are choosing a specific fitness or diet plan, it is important to be AWARE of our motives for improving or building up our body.  As we become aware of our motives, we can evaluate whether or not they ALIGN with God’s motives, or purpose in giving us this body.  Remembering, and centering ourselves on the knowledge that just as God has given us all a certain amount of grace, He has also given us our bodies…but why, what purpose does our body have?

Ephesians 4:12 tells us that grace was given to us to prepare us for works of service in building the body of Christ.  The King James Version uses these words, “perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry, edifying they body of Christ.”  God has given us grace in order to perfect, or “furnishes us completely” and “perfectly join us together” with Christ.  This CORE in Christ engages as we work in a servant’s capacity to build up the church body as a sound whole. 

Perfecting our physical bodies involves engaging our core so that we can do the “work”.  God has given us this physical body because He has “work” for us to do.  As we think about our motives for “building a better body”, may we keep in mind the Biblical FOCUS of physically preparing ourselves “perfectly” and “wholly” to do the work of building the BODY of Christ.  Our body for His Body, just as Christ’s body was perfectly and wholly prepared and given up for us.


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