COREconnection: 10/29/2010 Your Balance Point

FITNESS FOCUS:  Balance is extremely important for preventing injuries and achieving overall health and well-being.  The Balance Point Position not only helps improve your balance, but it also requires proper alignment to maintain and it is a starting point for many other Pilates exercises.  Click on the link below for  instructions on how to do this even comes with a picture!  (By the way, I do not consider you all “dummies”, it just happens to be the name of the article:)

How to Do the Pilates Balance Point Position – For Dummies.

FAITH FOCUS:  Balance in our spiritual life is also important to prevent injuries (like volunteer burnout) and achieving overall health and well-being spiritually.   In order to achieve spiritual balance, we must find our Spiritual Balance Point we must find and maintain spiritual alignment.  God’s Word is this Balance Point, it engages the CORE in Christ, keeps us in alignment with God’s Will and supports and protects us through our daily lives.  Maintaining a “hold” on this Spiritual Balance Point provides the tools for overall health and well-being as you seek to stand firm and upright on God’s path for your life.


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