COREarticles: 5 Reasons Why God Wants Us Healthy, Well and Fit

The Bible states in 1 Samuel 16, “People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”  But does this mean that God intended us not to have a healthy body?  Sometimes, it is difficult to stay focused on God’s intentions for our physical bodies.  We either get too wrapped up in physical appearance.  This can happen when we focus on diets and exercise for the purpose of creating physical “perfection” in certain areas of our bodies.  Or, sometimes, feeling overwhelmed by our inability to achieve this, we “give up”, resisting all diet and exercise, believing that it is impossible to obtain this worldly quest for physical perfection.  True, the world’s ideal for our bodies will constantly change, achieving and maintaining something so easily shifting, is impossible, unrealistic, and can lead to frustration, hopelessness, and even sinful behaviors.  However, if we seek God’s will for our lives, we can begin to understand what role our physical bodies play in being “perfected”- or made complete- in His image, and for His purpose.  The following blog post on Faith and Health Connection, by Dale Fletcher, explores the reasons why God wants us to strive for health, wellness, and fitness.  Studying these aspects of fitness through the lens of the teaching in God’s word will help us to maintain our body’s health in this world without falling into the negative habits of the world.

5 Reasons Why God Wants Us Healthy, Well and Fit


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