COREnews: REACHING for HEAVEN in 2011



Psalm 71 proclaims, ” Your righteousness, God, reaches to the heavens, you who have done great things. Who is like you, God? …you will restore my life again;….you will again bring me up.”

As the New Year approaches, let us reach toward heaven, stretching out in faith as we strengthen our CORE.  

The God who has done great things has called you to great things! 

 COREministries strives to increase your AWARENESS of God’s will for you, helping you to FOCUS  and CONCENTRATE on the great things He has planned for you, move with PRECISION and CONTROL along the path He set for you, maintaining ALIGNMENT by engaging your CORE in Christ, with the BREATH of the Holy Spirit.

 Stay tuned to Restore Your Core blog posts for NEW FEATURES that will help you achieve not only your fitness goals, but increase your awareness of God’s plan, His purpose, His promises for YOU this year!

May you continue to RESTORE YOUR CORE, In HIS Strength during 2011~

Blessings from COREministries,

Jeanette Yates

Classes begin Thursday, January 13, 2011~ YOUTH BASEMENT 6:45-7:30.  Questions?  Contact Jeanette Yates at


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