Whether you’ve resolved to run/walk your first road race, strengthen your core, or improve your flexibility, COREministries has many NEW resources to help you reach your  goal in 2011.  If you haven’t joined our blog yet, NOW is the TIME!

 Your Blog Subscription (FREE) Includes:

  • COREconnection:Weekly faith and fitness devotions including Exercise/Stretch of the week and Scripture of encouragment
  • COREnews: Articles that include tips and suggestions for meeting fitness goals while incorporating faith principles
  • COREprinciples: An outline of Basic Pilates principles and how they relate to Principles of faith
  • COREbasics: A basic beginner routine that includes core strengthening, stretching, and toning exercises.
  • NEW FEATURECORErunnings, a 6-week Training Plan for Beginning Runners who have the goal of running a 5K race (Gate River Run is just 10 weeks away!). Receive a weekly plan, techniques to help you train for running/walking a 5K, devotions designed to encourage and inspire you as you “press on” toward your goal.
  • Don’t forget the FREE weekly Pilates class at SUMC to help stretch and strengthen those muscles!

If you have any questions or just want more info about the resources COREministries offers, please contact us at or call Jeanette Yates at(904) 635-7553.


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