CORErunning: FREE Instructional Workshops-Coming SOON!

Have you been thinking about giving running a try but need a little motivation?  Why not sign up for The Florida-Times Union 5K for Charity?  The race will be held on March 12, 2011, the same day as the GATE River Run.  (For more details, go to

 This is a great way to start a new healthy habit that not only benefits you physically, but also supports charitable causes at the same time! 

 Interested, but don’t know where to begin?  COREministries can help.  Click on the CORErunnings link on the homepage of our blog to find a 6-week training plan that is beginner-friendly and can be used to train for running and/or walking the 5K distance.  PLUS, we will be offering 2 FREE Running Technique Workshops in the month of January to get you on the road to success in meeting your running goals.  The workshops dates and times are listed below:

Sunday, January 23rd 3:00-3:30pm SUMC Parking lot

Thursday, January 27th 7:30-8:00pm SUMC Parking lot (*After COREpilates 6:45-7:30)

Workshop will include: 

 simple techniques for stretching

 a basic tutorial on proper running/walking form

 a discussion on easing into training

If you plan to come to the Thursday night workshop, please consider coming to the COREpilates class in the SUMC Youth basement prior to the workshop.  That evening’s class will focus on exercises that will enhance your training efforts.

Still need more info?  Contact Jeanette Yates at


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