COREconnection: Pilates in NATURE

 Just in case you ever feel like great flexibility is not “natural”….check out the Grizzly Bear doing the Pilates “Open Leg Rocker”!!

Want to give it a try?  Here are some tips from

To Do Open Leg Rocker:

  1. Prepare: Sit up tall on your sit bones with your knees bent so that you can grasp your ankles.

    As you balance between your sitbones and tailbone, keep your abdominals activated as you lift and extend one leg, then the other, to shoulder width apart.


  2. Inhale and Roll: On an inhale, use a deepening scoop of the abdominals and the fullness of your inhale to propel your roll back onto your shoulders.

    Stay in your C-curve as you roll, leaving your head and neck off the mat.


  3. Exhale and Return: Remain in your C-curve and use your abdominal muscles, along with a strong exhale, to bring yourself back to an upright balance.

Tip: Rolling exercises are initiated and controlled by the deepening of the abdominals, the breath, and expansion of the back in relation to the breath. They are never accomplished by throwing oneself backward from the shoulders and head. Stay in the C-curve until you come up for your balance.

Disclaimer:  Please make sure you are injury-free and have medical clearance before beginning a new exercise program/routine.


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