Gaining Strength

Gaining physical strength is important because it helps stabilize and support the body as it moves through the daily activities of life.  Without physical strength, we are unable to perform tasks necessary for a healthy and active lifestyle.  Pilates focuses on CORE strength which not only helps us achieve our fitness goals, but keeps us free from injury by keeping us in alignment despite the instability created by our movements.  Interestingly, however, in order to gain physical strength, we must test our strength.  For example, we cannot work on the goal of being strong enough to do 20 pushups without practicing pushups…and eventually DOING 20 PUSHUPS!  Similarly, we cannot build our CORE strength without testing it…Want to get better at doing planks?…DO PLANKS!

Building Spiritual strength takes a similar kind of “training”.  In order to endure the many instabilities of life, we need a strong CORE of Faith.  Our firm foundation, our CORE is what will hold us strong during the ever-changing twists and turns that life throws our way.  But how do we Gain Spiritual strength? …we must USE our faith to strengthen it!  In the article below from UpperRoom Daily Devotions, the author discusses that addressing our fears/insecurities in order to build strength to endure them: Gaining Spiritual Strength

In the Bible there are many examples of God asking His followers to MOVE in Faith in order to build STRENGTH in Faith.   In Judges chapter 6, Gideon is told to “Go in the strength God gives you.”  Despite his fears and insecurities about his task, “The LORD answered, “I will be with you.”  When God asks us to test our physical strength without providing the means to stabilize us.  Just like when training for physical strength we often use tools to stabilize us (spotters, bands, weight machines), God provides the support and protection we need when “exercising” our spiritual strength.  (Perhaps our church family, prayer group, or the the most important stabilizer of all…God’s Word!)  And when God asks us to MOVE in strength, He does so to give us the opportunity to PROVE  our strength.  We must MOVE in the Strength God gives us in order to PROVE God’s Strength in us.  This serves to not only strengthen our CORE of Faith in HIM, but also provides an example for others.


Feeling called to GAIN STRENGTH physically and spiritually?  Why not try COREpilates?  See the ACTIVATE THE CORE: Events tab for details!


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