COREconnection: Thankful to the CORE

After much thought and prayer, I will be teaching my last regularly scheduled COREpilates class at SUMC this evening. It has been a blessing to serve and lead those of you who have joined me and I hope that you will come tonight as we celebrate the last 3 years of our time together and stretch out our faith while building strength in our CORE.

And what about COREpilates?

In 2012, COREministries will be offering a new Pilates series for churches or groups interested in learning more about how our faith and our physical fitness are connected. This 10 -week series will include a description of the basics of the Pilates method as well as faith and fitness devotions connecting our physical and spiritual lives and how we exercise both.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!  The blog/website will continue to be active and COREministries will continue to provide encouragement and support for your Spiritual and Physical Fitness goals.

I look forward to the exciting changes coming to COREministries in 2012 and sharing this journey with you.

Thank you,

Jeanette Yates

Be Restored…..from the CORE


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