Sarah Michelle Gellar says she doesn’t weight herself | Mail Online

‘Besides, if you deny yourself everything  because you’re so focused on the mirror or the scale, then when do you get to  enjoy life?’  –Sarah Michelle Geller explaining why she doesn’t weigh herself.  To read more about how she has learned to be comfortable in her own skin, click here:

One of the things that Geller mentions as key to her well-being, is not being defined or labeled by external characteristics, including her career.  But this is a very hard concept for us to embrace.  We tend to define ourselves by how the world labels us.  But whether these things are negative- I, for one, was nick-named “Spilt Milk” in high school, or a label that we enjoy like “supportive wife”, “coolest mom”, “funniest friend”….they are still just labels…things that change, be altered, and sometimes removed…and then what?  In order to truly “define” ourselves, we must seek the one thing that is permanent, non-removeable…God’s Word.  The One who created us is also the One who defines us.  Isaiah 43:6-7 says,  “Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth— everyone who is called by my name,  whom I created for my glory,  whom I formed and made.”  God created us for His glory and we are defined, or called by His Name!  No matter what our labels are in this world, we are ultimately “labeled” as God’s creation and in all that we do here– in all of the roles we fill that seem to define us- we must “stick” to the label He has given us.  To find out more about who you are in Christ, see :



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