COREconnection: Your Designer Garment

Although it is important to take care of our bodies, it is crucial that we remember WHY it is important. Toned muscles have value not because of the way they make us look, but because they allow us to do the Lord’s good work. Being healthy and strong serves the purpose to support and protect us as we move through our daily lives in alignment with God’s will. Yes, I believe that the Lord is pleased when we are able to use the bodies he gave us to run, play sports, be active with our children “just for fun” as each of these things can be done to His glory. However, we have to guard against building up our bodies just to serve ourselves or fit into some earthly ideal that brings no heavenly purpose. Today’s devotion is a reminder that your body is a garment, created especially for you by the Greatest Designer. It was hand-crafted and fashioned to suit you perfectly. It is up to each one of us to follow the Designer’s care instructions to avoid damage and unnecessary “wear and tear”. Furthermore, it is worth noting, that the garment-our body- is made for us with consideration of what we need. It is individual in nature, not meaning to look like any other body. The garment is an adornment for ourselves, our souls. It (our body) is not intended to replace us. Taking care of this precious gift, the garment of our body, requires that we look to His care instructions daily- His Holy Word- to guide us in how to maintain it, remove “stains”, and keep it feeling “like new”!

HE FASHIONED ME (Note: Devotion taken from Beyond the Looking Glass published by Remuda Ranch)

Your hands made me and formed me.—Psalm 119:73

Once upon a time, there was a famous designer. He was the most sought after designer in the whole world. Each item he made was a one of a kind creation. For ages, this designer sketched and planned; he thoughtfully worked to create the most beautiful garment for me. He loved me so much that He went to great lengths to gather just the right materials needed to put together my attire. The suit had to be just right; it was being fashioned to bring out the best of my inner and outer traits. The designer chose to weave the fabric himself, because He wanted to ensure it was of the highest quality. He crafted all of the accessories to bring out the beauty of the design. Carefully He cut the pattern for the costume. He took His time as He worked and lovingly stitched each seam. When He had finished, He was pleased with His work; it was perfect in every way. Now, the garment is mine! If I imply that the design is not all that I expected, it is like rejecting the designer. Instead I choose to accept it with a thankful heart!

Father, help me accept your design gratefully. Please guide me in caring for it and wearing it in ways that glorify you. Amen


One thought on “COREconnection: Your Designer Garment

  1. Wonderful thoughts today. Really very meaningful to me.
    A way I hadn’t thought about before. Yes, I have thought
    “uniquely made”, but not as a garment. Being a woman
    I think that appeals to me.
    Love you so much.
    Giving thanks for you.

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