COREconnection: Basic does NOT mean Easy (Recovery Edition)

A couple of days ago I posted a blog about The basics of Pilates and Faith.  In addition to Faith-based fitness, I also have a passion for those in recovery.  Because my recovery from anorexia was only truly achieved when I got in touch with the CORE of my faith in Christ, I now seek to share the lessons I learned through my journey with others through faith-based recovery blogging.   Today I am posting a revised version of  “Basic does NOT Mean Easy” through the lens of “recovery”. If you are in recovery from a hurt, habit, or hang up, or know someone who is…take a peek at this interpretation of The Basics…in Pilates and Recovery:

What does Pilates have to do with recovery you ask? Well, perhaps not much, but I did make a corralation between the two as a metaphor for recovery.

“Pilates is easy unless your doing it right!” Of course, we could say the same thing about Recovery–if it’s “comfortable” or “easy”…it is probably not very effective. As with Pilates, recovery asks us to stretch beyond what is comfortable in order to become more flexible, to be able to move more freely through our daily lives.  In most of my classes I teach basic movements. Some who have been doing Pilates for awhile want to do harder movements thinking that they are getting “more” or “better” Pilates by doing so. The same can be said for some in recovery.  Sometimes it is tempting to want to move on from the basics to become more “advanced” or farther along in recovery.  It can be discouraging to  go back to the “basics” of recovery- ” Why am I still having to do this? Am I  not “doing it right”?  Haven’t I done this enough?   I am stuck here…I need to do “more” and do it “better”!   BUT THIS IS FALSE—for Pilates AND Recovery!!

The Basic Movements of Pilates are intended to help a person find and strengthen their inner core. The deepest part of the muscles in the body-the core- the center- is where all other Pilates movements get their stability and control. These moves are called “basic”, “foundational” or “fundamental”…not EASY! Working on these movements is always a good practice and sometimes it is just what we need to get back in touch with our center. Now, of course, in Pilates, we strengthen with these core/foundational movements in order to do the others, so it is important to work towards the next goal, however, we do not forget these movements all together!

The same is true for recovery. The Basic Tools of Recovery, which are different for all of us, are not EASY, but they do provide a foundation to build strength for all of the other necessary recovery movements! Sometimes it is good to go back to the tools from the “beginning” of  recovery, to focus, strengthen, and stabilize the mind, body, and spirit for the rest of the journey.   These “Basic Moves” are always good practice and sometimes exactly what is needed in order to get back in touch with that deepest part of ourselves…the part that wants to support and stabilize us in order to MOVE us forward in LIFE.

Have questions about the ‘BASICS’ of Pilates OR Recovery? Feel free to email us at


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