COREconnection: The Hundred

FITNESS FOCUS: Recently I read a feature from Health magazine, How to Live to 100 – It gives many tips on small things we can do in our lives to reach that magic number of “100”. How exciting to think that this is even a possibility! According to the article, anyone born after the year 2000 has a good chance of living to the age of 100. Don’t fit into that category? Fear not! The article also claims that it is mearly our habits that hinder us from reaching a hundred. One of the habits suggested to improve our chances, is (shocker), EXERCISE! So, for your fitness focus today, I have the perfect exercise: The Pilates 100. This is the fundamental Pilates movement. It warms us up, engages the core, and gets the circulation going, preparing the rest of the body for exercise. Check it out:

Here’s How to complete “The Hundred” Pilates movement:
lie face up/spine in neutral, knees bent.
Bring legs up into table top position (90 deg.)
exhale to bring head and shoulders off the mat as you pull navel to spine, this will imprint the spine to the mat.
Shoulders pulling out of ears, arms by the side, reaching.
Pulsing arms up and down like you are slapping water as you inhale for 5 counts/exhale for 5 counts.
With each breath, pull navel to spine, deepening the abdominal contraction.
FAITH FOCUS: Memorizing Scripure is another fundamental activity as we exercise our faith. Putting God’s Word in our hearts and minds (our CORE), we are warmed up (motivated and encouraged), our CORE is engaged (through knowledge of God’s love, will, and promises for us) and ready to circulate through this life with the Holy Sprit flowing through us.
Here are a few links suggesting 100 Bible Verses to Memorize in order to ENGAGE THE CORE!
Perhaps you have a special verse that you have memorized. Feel free to share it by posting it as a comment on this blog post. If you would like, share how this Scripture has helped you STRENGTHEN or EXERCISE your FAITH.

One thought on “COREconnection: The Hundred

  1. I had forgotten about the Pilates 100! What a good idea to start each day with this simple, yet powerful routine and memorize the Word of God along with it. Thank you for this post.

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