“Lord, make me a pear shape!”

Wait, did you read that right?  Yep.  The other day I asked God to make me like a pear shape.  Oh, I know that seems opposite to the way most of us think.  The “pear” shape on a woman is often perceived as something that needs to be minimized by restrictive undergarments, toned with exercise, or reduced with dieting…why on earth would a woman pray to be shaped like a pear?!

Well, to be completely honest, I did not ask God to shape me like a pear (I think I would look pretty silly with a stem sticking out of my head), I asked Him to shape me with the same CARE as He shapes the pear—or to remind me that He already has done this.  You see, I read something the other day about the pear and it’s shape that made me long to be like the pear!   God shaped this fruit in such a way that when it falls from the tree and lands on the ground, it makes just the right indention into the soil for the seeds to “plant” themselves.  Furthermore, when the pear begins to break down and the seeds plant, the nutrients in the pear will nourish the seeds as they begin their process of new growth.

I want to be a pear shape.  I want my life, my body, and my actions to leave an indention on the soil of this world and the fruit I leave behind to nourish the seeds that I planted.

God made each one of us a certain shape- physically and spiritually.  We are uniquely made to leave an impression on the soil around us.  The seeds we plant in this life are nourished by the “fruit” of the Spirit that we are able to share and continues to do this long after we are gone.  My prayer is to be content to be the shape God made me knowing that He did this to use me for His purpose.

I think sometimes we get caught up in what our goals might be and seek to be a shape that meets that purpose.  If our physical or spiritual “shape” isn’t up to our standards or they don’t appear to be like the physical or spiritual shapes of those around us, we feel inadequate.  Maybe we are not meant to be those particular “shapes” because we are not meant to fulfill those particular purposes.  But that doesn’t mean our lives will be “fruitless”.

In our lives we may feel like we are over-looked–perhaps we do not have the physical or spiritual qualities to be chosen for certain things.  We just hang on the tree as others get “picked” for this role or that.  “What’s wrong with me?!…I taste just as good as that pear!  Pick me!…I can be a good prom date, I can do that job,  I can lead that ministry….I can….”  We wait to be chosen and we watch as others are picked…perhaps because of their shape, their size, they are seen as more desirable.  Like the pears chosen off a tree,  it seems that only the “best” ones get picked to be placed in the fruit basket… (or go to prom, or get a promotion, or lead a ministry).  The ones left over hang there until the time is right…then they fall, their shape perfectly contours the soil preparing it for the seeds.  As the pears “life” begins to fade, the start of a new pear tree has begun.  It is not the pears that got chosen to be placed in the fruit basket that fulfilled the only purpose…for God did not make pears just to sit in baskets, but the pear that was left alone, over looked, passed by may not have been the best one for sitting in a basket or being eaten by the hungry…but it was the  “best” one for the purpose of creating new pears for future generations.

God has a purpose for ALL shapes and sizes.  Sometimes His purpose is that we be selected to “feed” the hungry.  But sometimes our purpose might just be to sit and wait until the time comes.  We may feel ourselves falling, not quite sure where we are going to land….will we break open? will we roll away?  In this uncertainty, we must try to remember that however we land, wherever we fall, God has shaped us physically and spiritually to create an impression on the place in which He created for us to make it!  And long after we are gone, the seeds we have planted in the place we have landed will be nourished by the love,joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control–that Fruit of the Spirit that we have given to the soil around us.


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