Posting to your Profile: Beauty Images from Culture and Creator pt.1

It’s happened to all of us, a Facebook friend “tags” us in a photo. Depending on who has posted the picture, we either smile…or cringe. “Oh, goodness, I hope this isn’t a picture from college!” Yes admittedly there are a few images I prefer not to look at–awkward pre-teen years, that haircut from 6th grade (the one that I got to show my devotion to the skater dude I liked), and anything having to do with neon lace and jelly shoes, and many other things that I would prefer stay off of Facebook.

Unfortunately, I cannot control these posted images, but I can control whether or not to keep them on my profile. The same is true of the images of beauty that are “posted” each day. Some images of beauty are from our culture and are “posted” in magazines and tv shows even in the words used to describe beauty. However, there is another picture of beauty being “posted” for us, it is the Biblical concept of beauty posted by our Creator. Once we have been made a “friend” in Jesus, we have access to these Images. We receive daily “pictures” of beauty uploaded to our life profiles; it is up to us to CHOOSE to focus on God’s Image of beauty for us, not that of our culture.

Over the next few days and weeks, we will explore how culture defines beauty and how God created it. We will see the flaws in culture’s beauty images and the reality of our beauty in Christ. Please join me on this quest to “delete” the images that are negative and upload the “photos” of beauty that God posted for us. Let’s take a look inside the Looking Glass….in HIS Image.


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