COREconnection: Are you a Multi-tasker or Scatter-brain? (pt. 1)

*Part I is a re-post of a previous Restore Your Core blog entry.  In Part II, we will add new material about concentration’s role in strengthening the CORE in our body, mind, and spirit.

Do you ever feel like you’ve multi-tasked your way into a scattered-brain?

Sometimes I feel like a picture of my day would look like a “Where’s Waldo?” scene.  “Where’s Jeanette?” …at the gym, the preschool, the grocery store, the church, or am I just standing there wearing a funny hat?!

Our society values multi-tasking as a way to increase productivity.  Get more done in less time, kill two birds with one stone.  Although we try to accomplish more by multi-tasking, studies show that concentrating on a task, which is focusing all attention with intense mental effort, leads to more effective, precise and efficient performance of the task.

Pilates also believed that concentration and focus on each movement during Pilates Practice would result in the muscles maximum effort making the movement more precise, effective, and efficient.  In order to achieve Pilates focus, we must become aware of what muscles are needed for the movement, recruit those muscles with proper alignment and breathing, and initiate the intended movement by engaging the core and creating rhythm with the breath.

Pilates may have the right idea for exercise, but what about our lives?  It’s easy to figure out what muscles we need to use for exercise, but how do we choose our focus for life?

Scripture tells us that we cannot serve two masters; if we try, we will love the one and hate the other.

How do we know what to choose on a daily basis?  How do we avoid multi-tasking our way into ineffectiveness?

In the Bible, David tells his son Solomon, “acknowledge the God of your father, and serve him with whole-hearted devotion and a willing mind”  he continues by saying, “the Lord has chosen you to build a temple-be strong and do the work.”

Just like Solomon we have a temple to build for the Lord-our bodies. This is our FOCUS-to build our bodies’ strength for the purpose of serving the Lord.  And just like Solomon we must  become aware and acknowledge God as our father, we must then recruit what is needed, proper alignment, whole-hearted devotion to Him, and willingly initiate our daily lives by engaging our core in Christ, breathing in His Holy Spirit to guide our movements.

And what is the benefit of this focus, this whole-hearted devotion?

2 Chronicles 31:21 states, “In everything that he undertook in the service of ‘God’s temple-he sought his God and worked whole-heartedly-And so he prospered.”

In this world of multi-tasking, we need to realize that working on our physical bodies is NOT  a separate task from building our spiritual one, but together they create the temple for the Holy Spirit.  As we go through our days as a wife, mother, grandmother, co-worker we need to always remember that we are God’s creation, we have just one purpose, just one task-to be His.  In my life I have not always done this.  I wanted the multi-personality, multi-tasking life.  I wanted to be the good wife but not always submit to my husband, I wanted to have children but not always act like a mother, I wanted to be the skinny one, but did not care about my health.  I was here one minute and there the next.  If the life picture had been taken then, it would have been a “Where’s Waldo?”…One would have searched to find me in the picture, only to find me standing there in a funny hat, doing nothing.  Now, I seek, daily (not that I am perfect in this mind you!), to focus on the one good thing, to be aware of God as my father, align myself to His will of building His temple, and His desire that His Holy Spirit, dwelling in me, will keep my Core engaged so that no matter which one of the multiple tasks He commands me to attend to each day, that I will be supported, stabilized and consistently His.

*In our next post we will look more deeply into HOW our CONCENTRATION can affect the CORE of our bodies and our souls.


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