CORErecovery: Out of the Valley- Just a Stone’s Throw

After watching today’s video blog, please see the devotion question below.

Breathing In (Bible Study)

  1.  Read 1 Samuel 17, the Account of David and Goliath
    1. What does Saul offer David?  Why does he turn it down?   Sometimes we are offered things in our recovery that just don’t work for us.  However, we do not need to use this as a reason to not fight our battles.  Instead, we must choose to fight with what we have, what God has provided for us, with courage like David’s  What would this mean to you in terms of your own process in recovery?
    2. What is Goliath’s first mean of attack for the Israelites and David in particular?  How does the Israelite army respond?  How does David?  How does your eating disorder use a similar tactic?  Do you tend to respond more like the army or David?  Why?
    3. Notice that David is not playing defense with Goliath, but OFFENSE.  Goliath has offended his God (see v. 45).  For David, this battle is not about him looking brave, but about God being glorified.  Your battle today is not about YOU.  (Bear with me here.)  The eating disorder is offending your Creator.  God made you, loves you, and has great plans for you.  The ED is the thing that is standing in your way.  The ED voice hurls insults at YOUR body, your worth, BUT…those are really insults hurled by Satan against God—the One who created you.
  1. David actually runs TOWARD the battle line instead of running away from it.  Why?  Because he has confidence that He is not alone, that God will give him all of the strength he needs to defeat his enemy.  He has remembered that God has been with him in the past and that God has promised to go with him into every circumstance…every battle and conquer it!  Do you have that confidence?  What has God done for you in the past?  What do you need Him to do for you now? Do not try to appease your Ed by cowering to the demands of certain behaviors…Arm and equip yourself through battle by remembering God’s promises in life and Scripture and get ready to turn your Rock of Remembrance into the Stones of Victory!!!

Breathing Out (Prayer)

Father, we thank you for the times that you have shown up in our lives.  We praise you for the many “rock” of Ebenezer that we are able to place as we look back at your grace and mercy toward us in our past.  We boldly proclaim your strength and power to defeat any enemy in our path.  We choose to take up our rocks….our stones and hurl them toward the Goliath standing before us knowing that the battle is not ours because the war has been won already in Christ.  It is in HIS Strength we pray, we move, we fight.  Amen.


One thought on “CORErecovery: Out of the Valley- Just a Stone’s Throw

  1. I am only supersticous about certain things, but often timing ranks high on that list. Kind of like the perfect storm tonight of incoming posts and emails. Just wanted to say I still read and keep up with all your posts, FB and blog. Kudos on timing. 🙂

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