FAITHful Fitness Friday- Prayer Hiking

Happy Friday everyone! I am at the Hungry For Hope Conference this weekend at Deer Run Retreat Center in Nashville. What a great place to be a part of God’s creation through movement!

This morning I took the “Prayer Walk” trail. As a Floridian, I am renaming it “Prayer Hike”– the terrain was a winding, tree canopied, ascending and descending path. I actually stumbled upon it and found myself balancing between watching where I placed my feet and keeping my eyes peeled for the next marking- a Bible verse nailed to a tree. As I walked, I began to pray whatever Scripture verse was there until I found the next one. Sometimes the path would be clear and I would see the marker ahead, sometimes I had to just keep on the path in faith that another would come.

That is like my actual walk with God. I rather stumbled upon it and as I walk, I alternate between just trying to take the next right step– the one that is safe and in the right direction– and looking ahead to where I need to go. I don’t always know where the path leads, but I trust the Maker of it. He guides me with His Word. All I need is to pray it as I walk the path.

Both walks– the hike in the woods and my journey to find God even in the hidden places of my life are quite a workout, but I know they are both for my good.. That I may be strengthened… and find my way Home!

Have a great weekend and I look forward to sharing some of my ropes course/climbing/hiking adventures with you soon!



One thought on “FAITHful Fitness Friday- Prayer Hiking

  1. I have been following you for weeks…and I was at Hungry for Hope too!! How did we not connect?!?!? I was one of the volunteers 🙂 I would love to connect with you more!!! email me!!!

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