FAITHful Fitness Friday: Focus on the Family –Getting Started (Really)

Endings are better than beginnings. Sticking to it is better than standing out. Ecclesiastes 7:8 (The Message)

After last week’s analysis, I was ready to begin a week of “Family Fitness FUN!” I had it all planned out, we would gather in the mornings, do a little work out, laugh, love, and totally have a bonding experience.  However, I failed to consider a few things:

1.  My kids are not morning people.

2.  We are usually trying to get somewhere in the morning, and because they are not morning people, we don’t have a ton of “extra” time.

3.  My younger child (the mathlete) wasn’t too stoked about the whole exercise thing in the first place, so I was going to have to get creative.

I discovered (yet again), that WANTING to do something, even having a great idea, doesn’t actually work unless you do it!  I know all of the right things to do.  I know what my children need and yet finding the time and the motivation for them is tricky.

So today, (yes just today and probably only because I knew  I would be writing this blog), I decided to take action.

Now, I did not go into their rooms all “boot camp” style and tell them to wake up and get ready to run for 30 minutes (although perhaps in the future), instead, I started more modestly.

1.  Eat breakfast, do our morning routine

2. Chores around the house (This is like a warm up!  Vacuuming, scrubbing toilets, sweeping and mopping—yes, I made them do it—are all ways to get them moving without calling it “exercise”!!)

3.  Then  I told them we were going to do 15 minutes of exercise.  Yep, that’s it.  15 minutes–and we had a water break.    Think about it.  I know, I know, children are supposed to have 30 minutes of exercise daily, but if they are doing NOTHING, than getting 15 minutes out of them will be challenging enough!

I had planned on doing alignment for pushups and situps, but we didn’t even get that far.  It turns out, (who knew?) that teaching children how to stand in proper alignment actually takes about 15 minutes.  So, for today, our 15 minutes of exercise constituted “standing alignment”.

“What?  you just stood there for 15 minutes?  How is that getting your children active?!”

Bear with me here.  Remember last week we discussed how proper alignment was necessary in order to move effectively and efficiently through any “training”- physical or spiritual.  We have to have ourselves centered and aligned from that center in order to increase our productivity and decrease our risk of injury.  This is true of our fitness and our faith…which we will get to, but for now, let’s focus on getting that body aligned.

Check out this video to see how we worked on this:

Stay tuned next week for more about finding our spiritual alignment!


One thought on “FAITHful Fitness Friday: Focus on the Family –Getting Started (Really)

  1. Jeannette, I love your dedication and determination. My family consists of two dogs, so our warm up consists of Skippy and I stretching in the bed before getting up. We both stretch our backs and legs and then get up. My other dog has some back and hip issues, so her warm up now is to lie her on her back on my bed, and let the spine relax. I slowly help her stretch her leg muscles. She is walking straighter, her hips rarely fall to one side, and she is enjoying Paws and Prayer Walks on Sunday evenings. There is something to this alignment thing!

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