FAITHful Fitness: CORE strength

This is a great way to increase core strength without doing crunches. Also it works the shoulders, back, and arms!

(Thanks for the idea for planks, VC!!)

Core strength is important for many reasons. Your core, which is not just your abdominals, but also hips, quads, glutes, and pelvic floor muscles, helps maintain your body’s proper alignment, contributes to improving balance, and helps your body work at its most effective state.

Jesus is the core, or center, of our faith. Without our focus and centering on Him, our lives will be out of alignment, out of balance. We might be able to move though our lives, but we will be inefficient and less effective. As we work to build our physical core, may we be reminded to center our hearts, souls, and minds on Christ. Take this plank challenge as an opportunity to spend that amount of time each day praying or reciting a Bible verse, the Lord’s Prayer, or the Apostles’ Creed.
Here are some links that might help:
upper room prayer center
the Lord’s Prayer
Apostle’s Creed


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