CORErecovery: OUT OF THE VALLEY–Need Directions?

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.  2 Peter 1:3

In God’s Word, He tells us that we have everything we need for a godly life!  Isn’t that good news? As a Christian, I knew that part of me having a godly life was living a recovered one.  Looking at this verse, we see that it is His POWER that gives us what we need.  But how?  Through our knowledge of Him!

God is good, powerful, and in Him we can have everything we need for life, for recovery.  God’s Word gives us all we need to live the godly life that is intended for us but, let’s face it, sometimes these “directions” are not easy to understand for us.  It is difficult to see what God has to say about our own recoveries.  That is why today I want to share some resources that I found helpful in my own recovery and that I have found in my work as a mentor and guide to others who are working through their own recoveries from eating disorders.  Some of these are useful even if you do NOT have an eating disorder…TRUTH is TRUTH, and God’s Word is true for everyone.  I hope you find these resources will point you toward His Word and His Truth!

Change your mind. Change your life.Olive Branch Outreach

Beth Moore has many wonderful studies that really helped me in my recovery.  Breaking Free and Believing God were two of my favorites!

Remuda Ranch is a treatment center and so much more!  Although I did not attend this treatment center, I know of people who have found hope and healing there.

  Emily Wierenga shares her recovery story in this wonderful book and Dena Cabrera shares practical hope for those who struggle with body image and eating disorder issues.

FINDINGbalance is the world’s largest media-based resource for people seeking balance with food and body image.  So many great resources on this site!!

Celebrate Recovery is not specifically and eating disorder resource.  However, it offers Christ-centered steps in the recovery process from all hurts, habits, and hang-ups.

There are other resources that are not specifically “Christian” that can be helpful especially when you are coming from a faith-based background.  Even before I began to examine God’s Word specifically, I would hear echos of His Truth in these books and websites:

Life Without Ed

Intuitive Eating


This has not been an exhaustive list.  I know there are many more great Christian resources for those who struggle within themselves, that fight the battle with the negative voice, that are feeling like there is no hope.  I encourage you to seek God and His Word to find that hope.  Yes, we can go to websites, treatment centers and pour over book after book.  But if they are not pointing us to the Cross, ultimately we will still be searching for it.  These resources are great, but the one true place to find the peace you need, is in His Word, in His Presence, and in His Grace.


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