FAITHful Fitness Friday: Exercise Charades

On Wednesday nights at my church I teach a “KidFIT” class to various age groups of children.  Each week I get a new group and I try to explain “physical fitness” and “spiritual fitness”.  For the older kids I am able to do that Spiritual Fitness test from my son’s Adventure Bible, but for the younger ones, its kind of a hard concept. (and, let’s face it, for some of us not-so-young ones too!)

This week, I had a room of kinder kiddos.  How do we talk about physical and spiritual fitness?  CHARADES of course!

Here’s how it works:

This can be done with a group of kids or a family.  For this group, since they were young, I would act out an exercise and when the children could figure out what I was pantomiming, they hopped up and joined me.  If you were working with an older group or a family, you might have each person or group act out the exercise and then discuss the type of exercise it is (cardio, strength, etc.).

Physical exercises:

1. Running
2.  Biking
3.  Swimming
4.  Triathlon
5.  Weight-lifting
6.  Yoga/Pilates
7.  Kick-boxing/Martial Arts
8.  Team Sports
9.  Mountain climbing/rock climbing
10.  Rest (here, emphasize the importance of rest in helping the body get stronger.)

Spiritual Fitness:
For this section, you have the option of doing charades or having a devotional and discussion time about what types of things will help your faith in God get stronger.  Here are some I came up with:

1.  Read your Bible
2.  Pray
3.  Memorize Bible Verses
4.  Go to Church
5.  Sunday School/Bible Study
6.  Helping/Serving others/loving others
7.  Mission Trips (or vbs for younger kids)
8.  Singing in Choir or playing in a contemporary worship team
9.  Tithing
10.  Rest (discussion of the Sabbath)

Feel free to tweak to this and choose physical and spiritual exercises that you enjoy.  Perhaps you can challenge your group or family to play this game with someone they know during the week!  Have fun and be FAITHfully FIT!


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