CORErecovery: Out of the Valley- Are you HUNGRY?

770-Regonline-HEarlier this year, I had the awesome opportunity to attend Hungry for Hope, a conference specifically designed to provide hope and encouragement for those who have been affected by eating disorders and body image issues.  But this conference does so much more than that!  Hungry for Hope gives you tools to recover and provides opportunities for professionals to learn, share, and grow in their efforts to help others recover.  If you are Hungry for Hope today or if you are hungry to share the hope that you have….this conference is for you!  One of the greatest benefits of this conference is that it is centered on Christ.  The speakers, musicians, artists, group leaders, want to do more than just help you recover, they want to share the truth of total REDEMPTION through Christ!  I encourage you to prayerfully consider attending this life-changing, life-giving experience.  I know I won’t miss it!

For more information about HUNGRY for HOPE 2014, click here.  To learn more about FINDINGbalance and their ongoing efforts to help people find balance with food and body image, check out their website here.


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