CORErecovery: Out of the Valley–Giving Up (pt. 2)


The other day I asked you this question, “What would you need to give up to recover?”

When I think about this question for myself in regard to my ed recovery, I think about how I thought I would have to give up my body.  I liked being the skinny one.  And, to be completely honest, I liked being the anorexic one.  Many times when telling my recovery story, I have remarked about this, “I had to be willing to trust God with my body.”  Whereas this is true, to some extent, there is more to this than just a simple sentence.

What if my recovery was not just about trusting God with my body, what if it was-and still is about trusting God with my mind?
I not only needed to say, “God, I trust my recovery to you.  Whatever you need to do “with my body” to bring me out of bondage, I trust you,” but also, “God, I trust you with my thoughts about my body.  I know that what my body looks like isn’t the most important thing to you, but right now it is the most important thing to me.  Please help me to think more like you do about my body.  Please help me gain your perspective about how to care for it.”

My enemy wasn’t necessarily my body, but how I thought about it.  Being “skinny” equaled so many things for me: special, in control, not lazy, beautiful, healthy. (I know now that none of that is true, but I am sharing honestly here!)

I learned through study and prayer so much about what God thought about me, but that in itself would not be enough.  I had to” be transformed by the renewing of my mind.”  I had to do more than believe what God said about the human body,  my body, I needed to internalize this and believe it for myself.

What I began think about my body, lead me to change how I cared for it.   Eventually it would lead me to ask, “What is the purpose of my body anyway?  What should I be doing with it?”

Romans 12:1 tells us to “offer [our] bodies as living sacrifice[s]”  Over the next few posts I will share what this verse came to mean to me, but for now I have questions for you:

What does this mean to you?  To “offer your body” to God? Do you offer your body to God?  To something else?  What would it mean to give your body to God…daily?  Or is this the very thing that you need to “give up” to God that you just don’t think you can?  What if you did it any way?


One thought on “CORErecovery: Out of the Valley–Giving Up (pt. 2)

  1. It’s hard sometimes to separate the body from the mind. For years I saw myself as fat, but was actually thin and healthy. Now that I am fat, I try not to see myself at all. When I get excited about something and feel that God is leading me, it’s so easy to just stop, and think that God isn’t behind this, it’s just a silly idea. People will laugh at you, and you will look stupid. So it’s still the fear of how people look at you, whether it is outside or inside. I need to give up fear. It’s fear that always has me stop short of accomplishing something. I already know that “when I get thin”.. doesn’t guarantee anything. I can’t get healthy, until I give up fear. I think the fear of not looking good on the inside, is as bad as the fear of not looking good on the outside.

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