COREconnection: “Breaking and Entering”- On the Move Advent Series (part 1)

glass breaking 

But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into.   So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.

Matthew 24:43-44

This past Sunday my pastor gave a sermon for Advent entitled “Breaking and Entering”.  One of his points was that, like a thief, Jesus is coming—unexpectedly-He is on the move!  And when He gets here things are going to be turned upside down, left in disarray…things as we know it will be messed up!

As my pastor was talking, I recalled when my car got broken into a while back.  I walked out and got into my car. Seeing all of the glass around me, I tried to figure out if I had left something in the car that exploded from the heat- a coffee mug perhaps?!  Next I noticed the window smashed out and immediately called for help.  At first, I didn’t even think they stole anything…I just thought they made a mess for nothing!  Later, I realized a big bag that had lots of miscellaneous items in it was missing.  My “big bag” was my catch-all.  I threw everything in there:  books, cds, file folders, receipts, you name it.  I began to panic!!  What information about myself would be exposed?!  What could more could be stolen from me because of the things left in that bag?!  What was I going to tell my husband?   Was there information about my kids in there?  Literally, my personal baggage…what held stuff from my past and present life…was gone.  And so was my sense of security.

For days I worried about all of these things, but the stuff that I thought would happen with my bag missing, didn’t.  No credit cards were used, my identity wasn’t stolen, my children were safe, my husband was kind and level-headed through the experience.  And, as it turns out, I did not need that bag or anything in it, either.  In fact, my life actually got a lot “lighter”.  I wasn’t able to afford another bag right away, so I learned to carry around less and clean out my smaller bag more often.

I think Jesus’ coming back will be a lot like this too.  We will find that the things we carry, that perhaps we even rely on or attempt to find our security in, will be gone…but we won’t miss them at all.  Maybe the trials we go through in life are like that too.  Recovery, for example, took many things away from me that I thought I needed and forced me to use what I had and continually get rid of things I did not need.   My life, and heart, became lighter.  The Light of Jesus came crashing into the brokenness of my spirit and completely cleaned me out but at the same time filled me up!

As I think about this Advent season, the season of expectation and hope, I am so encouraged to know that He IS coming, to take away every bag full of hurt we have and shine Light that fills up all the broken places!!  Jesus in on the move in our lives…breaking and entering into our hearts!


One thought on “COREconnection: “Breaking and Entering”- On the Move Advent Series (part 1)

  1. Heavenly Father, Here is my heart. Remove all things that are no longer serving your purpose in my life. Take by loving force those things I am holding tightly onto that are weighing my heart down. Wash the windows of my heart, so that YOUR light can shine brighter and brighter, lighting the path to You for myself and others. I am grateful for your continual washing and cleansing, your continual purging of all things that are not godliness and holiness in my life. The door to my heart stands open to YOU .As you “break through” my life in new and fresh ways, help me remember that things sometimes get messy as you do your ” removal and renovation” work, but the end result is glorious!
    Thank you for this gentle reminder of your continual coming into my life and for your soon coming again in glory.
    Come Lord Jesus Come!

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