NEW Series: Trust and Adjust- Finding Peace, Conquering Fear, and Living Well

A few year’s ago as I was cleaning the kitchen, or folding laundry, or doing some other domestic task, I heard my younger son in the other room singing a song.  It kind of made me giggle because it sounded like a rap of some kind.  I walked closer to the room where he was and heard him singing rhythmically, “Trust and adjust…you’ve got to Trust God and adjust…trust and adjust…trust and adjust.”  He went on and on like that for a while.  As I listened, I thought, “Yep, ain’t that the truth, buddy.”  Over the preceding years, my life had been a series of struggles where I had to decide whether or not I was going to trust God and adjust or stay frantic, fearful, and falling apart.  Of course, during those times, I believed that if I could just get through circumstance A (or B or C), then I could “get back to normal.”  What I realize now is a life of trusting God means consistent adjusting- my mindset, my actions, and sometimes my area or surroundings.  A life that trusts in God…in ALL circumstances requires a constant communication with the Father.

Psalm 62 verse 8 says, “Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.”

This is a great reminder that we can trust God, at all times, we can communicate and connect with Him from our innermost being because He is a safe place.  He is our safe place.  When we trust him enough to come to him in all things,we are at peace, we will not fear, we can, at last, live well.


Trust is a verb.  Another song my children used to sing reminds us, “Oh yes its true, a verb is what you do…”  Trust is not passive.  Trust is something you DO.  In the verse above, “trust” in Hebrew is “batach”, a word that means “to be confident and sure.” It comes from a primitive root that means “to fall down on the ground, arms forward, face down.”

Like an ancient refugee, running toward the gates, falling down in front of the king…exhausted, weary, afraid, I run to my King.  Trust requires that I move, I flee from the things that entangle, but not just to run aimlessly toward nothing.  I run to my Refuge.

These are the Southern Steps in Jerusalem.  A place we know that Jesus once stood.
These are the Southern Steps in Jerusalem. A place we know that Jesus once stood.


Trust means that I seek out the place of safety…that I approach my Refuge and rest at His feet…face down, arms out, all in.




In this series Trust and Adjust: Finding Peace, Conquering Fear, and Living Well, we will explore what it looks like to trust God and adjust our will to His.  As we do this, my prayer is that we will all find great peace, conquer big fears, and learn to live well in the abundant life God has planned for us. Are you “all in”?


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