COREconnection: One Thing I Lack

Many people begin a fitness routine because they feel like they lack something:  flexibility, strength, endurance, the body shape they want…

In this context, ‘lack’ means, we don’t have enough..we are not flexible enough, strong enough, our arms aren’t toned enough, our butt isn’t…well, you get the idea.

Yes, to lack something involves the idea of being deficient, inferior, impoverished, needy, or even a failure.  Do the areas where you are lacking in fitness make you feel like any of these things?

Admittedly, I feel inferior at times.  As I age or my routine changes out of necessity, I feel like I “lack” what I used to have, or-even worse-what I see that others have…(a race medal for example:)

Sometimes it is these negative motivations that can creep into my mindset.  I ‘see’ that I lack something and I try this exercise or that..this routine or that to try to get it.

But, guess what?  As long as my focus is on ‘this’ or ‘that’…I am going to find what I am missing…what I lack.  Why?

“The eye is the lamp of the body.  If your eyes are good, your whole body is full of light.  But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness.”  Matthew 6: 22-23a

Or, if we read this with the Greek connotations of these words in mind:

“What we see, even in our minds eye, sheds light on our whole bodies–including our souls.  If you are singularly focused and clear, your whole body will be radiant and a source of light.  But if your eye is wicked, envious, it is worthless and your body will be opaque, a thick darkness, a shadow, an outline.”

It is interesting to note that right after these verses which highlight the importance of being singularly focused, we read the verses which state that “no one can serve two masters.”  (v.24)

I think these verses go hand in hand.  If we lack a singular focus, a clearly-centered focus on anything BUT God and His purpose for our bodies, we will always be in darkness, unable to see.   We will be a mere shadow or outline of what God has designed for us.  We will lack vision.  But, if we do get centered, focused on the One who IS light, we will be radiant, beautiful, and have everything we need to be the source of light He intends us to be!



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