Today’s COREconnection: 9/12/2010

Time to Recruit Those Glutes! (repost)

Restore Your Core

FITNESS FOCUS:  Strengthening the Glutes  So it might not be a shock to most of you that the muscles that make up the “Glute Group” are one of the largest muscle groups in the body.  In a culture that spends most of its time trying to minimize the maximus, perhaps we should stop and take a closer look (figuratively, of course) at this large-muscled area. If we believe that God created our bodies for a purpose, then what purpose do these large muscles have?  I doubt that God’s purpose in creating this specific muscular system had anything to do with how well they fit into a pair of jeans or what they look like in a bathing suit.  But more on that later….My point is, the glutes are there for a functional purpose and having strong glutes is beneficial for our entire bodies.  Strengthening your glutes will improve your posture, relieve strain in…

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