COREpilates: Back To Basics-“What Must I Do?”

COREpilates: Back to Basics- “What Must I Do?” In Fitness and Faith

This is the time of year where many of us seek out the “must do moves” to get us on the right track for our fitness resolutions.  I often get asked, “What moves will help me get tighter abs, a smaller waist, tone my arms…”  What is the “best type of exercise”, the ‘must do’ to lose weight?  Yes, we can google search and find many articles on the “Must Do Moves” for any fitness or weight goal we have, in fact, I have a great set of 10 “Must Do” Pilates moves.  But if you want the honest truth, the bottom line, there’s no magic in these moves, or any exercise really.  The truth is, the best exercise is the one you are willing to do.  Gaining strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance…all of these things take effort, practice, and patience.  I think it is also important to have right goals and motivations.

This is where our faith comes into our fitness.

In Acts 16:30, the jailer asks Paul and Silas, “What must I do to be saved?”  Their answer?  A long list of ‘must do’ rituals and routines?  No, the response is simple, “Believe in the Lord Jesus.”  Simple, yes.  Easy? No, not really. The jailer’s question, if you look in the original language is actually asking, “What is necessary for me to continually perform, to exercise in order to be well, to be healed, to be whole?”  The jailer knew that the answer would be one that required him to ‘exercise’ something in life.  You see, much like our pursuit of physical health and well-being, our spiritual lives, our faith requires effort, practice, and patience…daily entrusting-that’s what ‘believe’ means in Greek- in Jesus.  We can’t entrust without the effort to know Him, practice His Way, and patience through the work of faith-building.

So what does this have to do with my fitness routine, you ask?  Well, it’s simple.  With whom/or what are your placing your trust in your well-being, your health?  Are you trusting God with your time and how it’s spent?  Or are you placing your trust in the fitness contest at the gym?  Are you trusting Christ to fill you with joy or are you ‘rewarding’ yourself with foods that your body doesn’t need?  Are you believing the Lord when He tells you that your worth is not greater in His sight when the number on the scale is less or do you run to the scale regularly to find out ‘how good you are’ today?


Of course it is fun to get a cool new work-out routine (or outfit!), and there’s nothing wrong with finding new ways to stretch and strengthen our body, after all, we need to be good stewards of this gift that God has given us.  But, when we place our physical ‘must do’ routine above our spiritual one, we will always feel weak and out of shape.  So, yes, we will be learning some great exercises today for our bodies, but the best move, the one ‘must do’ is to entrust our hearts, souls, and minds to the one who created us.


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