Our Mission:

 To place Christ at the center, or core, of our lives and live, move, and have our being in Him.  Initially, this mission took shape out of a faith-based Pilates program developed by founder, Jeanette Yates.  Currently, COREministries continues to encourage others to strengthen not just the physical core, but the spiritual core of faith as well. Our belief is that by seeking Christ, placing Him at the center of our lives, and allowing the Holy Spirit to move us, we will be strengthened, both physically and spiritually, to do His Will.   





Jeanette Yates, the founder of COREministies, felt the Lord’s call to develop this ministry after dealing with her own personal issues with body image and eating disorders.  Only after working through recovery with a Scriptural and Spiritual basis, did she receive true healing.  It is because of this healing and freedom that she feels compelled to share the Scriptural Principles that strengthened her spiritual CORE and brought her into a place of physical and spiritual well-being.

After studying Pilates to become a certified instructor, she was astounded at how closely the Pilates principles mirrored many of the virtues and principles of theChristian faith.  Jeanette developed a faith-based Pilates instruction method which she often brings to Church groups for Faith and Fitness workshops, Fellowship functions, and retreats.

In addition to blogging and speaking about faith and fitness as well as Body/Self Image Issues, and Eating Disorders from a Christian world-view, Jeanette also shares about her experiences in learning to live and move with Christ at the center of her life.  She readily admits she is a work in progress and God continues to strengthen and restore her…from the CORE.


For more information about Jeanette’s speaking topics , please see the COREservices.  You can also find Jeanette on Twitter @jnetteyates and also blogs on her personal blog page here.



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